Monday, January 9, 2012

Need New Ideas for Kiddo's Birthday Parties?

Decorating Cake Parties

Tired of the same ole kind of birthday parties? Well, I have a great idea for your next kiddo's birthday. I recently met with the owner of Scribble Cakes and had the the privledge of sampling their recently added rainbow cake. I ate all of it so quickly because it was so moist and delicious.

Here's the scoop. For $250.00 your child can have a birthday party for themselves and 10 of their friends. The birthday boy or girl can choose from various cake themes or create a theme that best suits their personality. Then, Scribble Cakes goes to work matching your theme with a fabulous and unique design. Then, they bake the individual mini cakes. Here's the change....the kiddo's get to decorate the cakes themselves. How much fun does that sound like? Scribble cakes will deliver the cakes and all of the goodies including icing, decorations, clean up tools, etc to your home or party location. Scribble Cakes supplies everything. They want to provide you and your children with a great and unique experience that the kiddo's will remember for a very long time. I think they do a great job at it too!

To contact Scribble Cakes, go to or call 972-342-0302

Debbie Viverito

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