Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cozy Coffee and Bakery Shop: Coffee N Cream

Cozy Coffee and Bakery Shop – Coffee N Cream
By Debbie Viverito
December 15th, 2011

I started my DFW Sweets blog earlier this month and was so excited to be invited by the owners of Coffee N Cream to come and write a review of their shop. Secretly, I have been craving a new, yet small and comfortable coffee shop, so I couldn’t wait for our appointment. I had passed Coffee N Cream at Legacy and Eldorado many times but had not stopped for a visit. I arrived and let the owner know I was there. While waiting, I ordered a vanilla latte. Meanwhile, my eyes were dancing wildly at the fairly large display holding many beautifully decorated baked items. Let me emphasize the fact that I love cookies, cakes, pies. Basically, if something is made with flour and sugar, I’m all over it.

At first vanilla latte sip, I noticed how smooth the drink was in comparison to what I normally order from larger coffee houses. It was nice. It wasn’t overly sweet as some vanilla syrups can be. So, I start settling into my potential new coffee house while waiting for John to arrive. While waiting, I chatted with some of the employees. Very nice and informative. Inviting. I knew the shop sold coffee but didn’t realize they a had received Reader’s Choice for their coffee two consecutive years. I’m thinking….where have I been all this time?

John and I connected and I learned how he and his wife started their business in 2006. Impressive story indicating many awards along their journey for their coffee and baked goods. While we were talking, and I continued to admire the baked goods display, he told me about how they launched a special occasion line earlier this spring. As he was talking, my eyes were moving from left to right and up and down at all the vibrant colored bakery delights. I couldn’t help but think about what I was going to order and how I was going to stay on my pretend diet. I saw a pale yellow and sweet baby shower cake. Then, a beautiful 4 tiered wedding cake. Another adorable cake was obviously made for someone that loves to fish. So cute. While I was there, I also had the chance to meet the bakery manager, Linda. What a nice lady. She, along with 3 other bakers, make everything in the shop from scratch. Very impressive. After several minutes passed, I finally decided to try their number 1 selling item which is their mocha brownie. The flavor was so delightful and chocolaty intense. Rich, dense and moist. I really am not sure there is a better brownie anywhere in Frisco.

When visiting a new coffee shop, it’s obviously crucial that the coffee is simply hot and delicious. Coffee N Cream over delivered. It was a pure bonus to discover the baked treats. Not to mention a feast for my sweet filled eyes. Coffee N Cream isn’t tiny, but it isn’t overly large either. It’s just the right space to order, find a spot and sit down without having to share the space with so many others. Nice flowers were in a vase on the table along with a comment card. A nice, special and inviting touch.

John and Mary Ennen are the owners and will welcome you to Coffee N Cream providing you a cozy, yet nice neighborhood environment that sometimes can be hard to find North of LBJ. Please stop in and say hello.

Coffee N Cream has two DFW locations: Frisco and Allen

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